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SHURE UP4 portable UHF wireless package

Broadcast clarity

Built upon the UP4 battery-powered receiver,
UP wireless systems provide flawless clarity for broadcast and video.

$150 daily rate


Shure UP4 UHF Receiver

Shure U2 Body Pack Transmitter
(lavalier mic included
not shown)

Shure U1 Handheld

accessories included: batteries, mic clip, windscreens, etc.


Sanyo PLC-XF45
10,000 lumens

$1500.00 daily rate

EAW E Series Powered Speakers


$150 daily rate each

  • Self-powered, compact subwoofer

  • Two 15-in LF drivers

  • Balanced XLR line inputs

  • Inputs configurable for loop-thru or high pass to a mid-high loudspeaker

  • Frequency response to 35 Hz, 137 dB SPL peak output

  • Removable casters and six steel handles for easy transport

  • 3-position fly-tracks with integral 3/8-16 threaded mounting points

  • Pole mount for mounting an EP2 to create an instant PA




$150 daily rate each

  • 2-way self-powered, full-range system

  • 1.4-in exit neodymium HF compression driver for sparkling highs

  • 90H V x 90V HF wave guide for wide coverage

  • 15-in LF driver for solid bass

  • 133 dB SPL peak output

  • Balanced XLR line inputs

  • Sophisticated signal processing and driver/amplifier protection circuitry

  • Trapezoidal enclosure with fly-tracks and 3/8-16 threaded mounting points

  • Can be pole-mounted on the EP1 or a speaker stand




$175 daily rate each

  • 3-way self-powered, full-range system

  • 1.4-in exit HF compression driver for sparkling highs

  • 8-in horn-loaded MF driver for midrange clarity and efficiency

  • 15-in LF driver for solid bass

  • 65H x 45V HF/MF horns for focused coverage

  • 133 dB SPL peak output

  • Balanced XLR line inputs

  • Sophisticated signal processing and driver/amplifier protection circuitry

  • Trapezoidal enclosure with fly-tracks and 3/8-16 threaded mounting points




$50 daily rate each

  • Ultra-compact passive two-way system
  • 2x 6.5-in LF/1-in exit HF on Wave Guide Plate
  • 100 x 80 coverage pattern
  • High impact, high definition sound
  • For portable use or permanent installation

JF80 (PDF)


225.00 each daily rate

The half-rack DSR-40 DVCAM digital videocassette recorder offers i.LINK, Control S and RS-422A remote control interfaces. The i.LINK interface enables the transfer of DVCAM's superior image and sound quality without the conversion to analog. RS-422A allows for the DSR-40 to be used as a feeder in low cost editing systems. Analog component and XLR audio outputs are available. Features superior Picture and Sound Quality

  • Built-in i.LINK (IEEE-1394) Interface

  • Long Duration Recording Capability

  • Simple Editing Operation

  • RS-422A Interface as the feeder

  • Versatile Recording/Playback Functions

  • User-Friendly Operations

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • XLR Audio Output

  • DVCAM Format / Consumer DV Playback

  • Accepts both mini and standard size cassettes

  • Component output

  • The DSR-40, equipped with DV In/Out, allows digital dubbing and editing with virtually no quality loss.

  • The DV I/O (based on IEEE-1394) can be connected to third party video capture boards that support the DV In/Out interface for desktop editing.

  • In spite of its small size, similar to previous DVCAM VTRs, the DSR-40 maintains a dual track system that accommodates both standard and mini size cassettes without an adapter.

  • Dubbing has just been made easier with a convenient front panel dub key. When connected to another VTR or camcorder with the i.LINK (DV I/O) connection, a simple push of a button allows dubbing of the original tape and its time code.

  • The DSR-40 is equipped with a Reference Video input terminal for synchronized playback with other VTRs. This is convenient when a number of machines are in simultaneous playback of one or more sources and synchronizing VTRs during editing.

  • 360 Systems
    "Instant Replay 2.0"

        360 Systems' Instant Replay "Dash E" puts 1,000 audio cues at your service including music, sound effects and spoken word.  Get immediate access to an entire audio library of your own creation to enhance your presentation.

    Instant Replay Product Brochure

    Large Venue LCD Projector

    This projector boasts a blazing 5000 lumens

    with true XGA (1024x768) Compressed UXGA Resolution.

    Other features:

    • Short, Medium and Long Throw Lenses Available

    • Four internal lamps allow constant operation if a bulb fails

    • Digital Keystone Correction

    • Digital Signal Processing for Enhanced Image Detail

    • Digital Progressive Scanning for Improved Video Performance

    • Digital Manipulation Panning

    • 16x Digital Zoom

    • Power Lens Shift with Minimal Geometric Distortion for Up, Down, Left, Right Image Alignment

    • Greater Than 85% Uniformity with a Contrast Ratio Greater Than 700:1

    • 30" to 600" (2.5' to 50') Diagonal Image Size

    • 3.6' to 106' (depending on lens) Throw Distance

    • Power Zoom and Focus

    Visit Sanyo's site for more details

    Folsom Screen Pro Plus 
    16 input-3 screen seamless switcher

    Folsom Screen Pro 8x1 seamless switcher




    NEC Plasma Monitor
    15" 18" & 20"
    NEC Flat Panel Displays


    Visit our DATA page for more info


    Smart Fade

    2 Video & 2 Computer input Switcher/Mixer/Scaler


    • -any VIDEO and 1 COMPUTER Source (in Seamless mode: Fade/ Cut / Title)

    • -VIDEO Sources(with a smooth or fast Cut to Black)

    • -COMPUTER Sources (with a smooth or fast Cut to Black)

    • All Video inputs scaled to Computer input, allowing a "1-Time" adjustment of the display resolution.

    • -Each input has a STEREO AUDIO line that allows the audio to follow or break away from the video image


    This projector is a bright 3000 lumens that will accept and display true 1280x1024 resolution.  It is the upgrade to the SANYO PLC-10N that we also stock.  It has a RGBHV input and a 15pin HD input.   This is a great option for using LCD projectors to display workstations in their native resolution.  Long-throw and short-throw/wide-angle lenses are available for all your set-up logistics.  (Lenses must be installed by a qualified technician).


    This projector is great if you're going mobile.  Only 10lbs!  Perfect for a quick boardroom set up and with 1024x768 resolution and 1000 lumens, it's sure to make your presentation a success.  The NV-5 is also extremely easy to set up and operate and comes in a handy carry bag.


    This projector is a bright 3000 lumens that will accept and display true 1024x768 resolution.  It is light and compact and has a very small "footprint."  It is supplied with a convenient "pull-along" hard case.  This projector has the most input possibilities yet including SVHS, composite and component video signals and is HDTV compatible.  It is also PC and MAC compatible.  Power zoom, focus, alignment and keystone correction features make it extremely easy to set up, not to mention the backlit wireless remote with mouse control!  Long-throw and short-throw/wide-angle lenses are available for all your set-up logistics.  (These lenses can be easily installed by the user).


    The MD-301mkII is a cost effective rack-mountable 2-track Mini Disc system designed for use in radio broadcast applications, live theater, concert halls and any other installation where easy-to-use random access capability is required. It is also an outstanding recorder for use in the project studio or as a companion to the 564 Digital Portastudio.

    Product Specs

    2-track MD system, 20 bit A/D and D/A converters, latest ATRAC storage version (v4.5) for better sounding playback on old and new MiniDisc units alike.  XLR Balanced and RCA unbalanced analog I/O, SPDIF optical I/O.  On-board sample rate converter, programmable fade in/out capability, repeat play, shuffle play and program (up to 25 tracks) modes. Versatile editing functions w/ undo, track naming, wireless remote control included. Front panel PS-2 keyboard input for remote function and naming tracks, 2-U rack mountable design.


    A great problem solver when a professional powered enclosure is needed!

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